Thursday, September 20, 2012

The 1st Scratch Ever from Iggy!

Iggy is such a sweetheart, that she never even scratched Mom or Dad while she was going through her kitten stages.  Well, technically Iggy still is a kitten, but she has already blossomed into a well behaved fine young lady.

The other day, Iggy scratched our foot for the first time, but it wasn't on purpose.  If fact, it was probably Dad's fault.  Dad was playing with Iggy in the shower, but then he forgot that she was in there and turned the water on Iggy in there!  Iggy came skyrocketing out, and accidentally scratched Dad's foot on the way.

Sorry Iggy!  (but Iggy is such a sweetheart that she was soon purring and cuddling wrapped up in a dry towel.)

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