Tuesday, April 5, 2011

THIS Is Why You Don't Take Cats Out On Leash!

Got into a fight with Qtip, and the cat won~

Nearly every time when we meet someone while out with Qtip and they have a cat they say "My cat would never do this!" And after this incident, we can begin to see why.

So what happened is that Qtip got spooked and pulled out of her harness. It was in a neighborhood a half mile from the house, and she started to run towards a corner between a garage and a building--big enough for her, but waaaay too small for a person. I could tell she was all freaked out, and usually if you just wait it out she will calm down, but since she was headed for the hole I was worried she might get lost. So I grabbed her, and when I grabbed her she freaked out and attacked my arm. It made me drop her and when I picked her up again she went nuts, screaming and hissing and clawing and biting.

It was crazy. To finally get her, I had to take off my hoodie and throw it over her.

The thing is, she is fine around everything- dogs, loud noises, busy streets, but the only thing that gets her freaked out is other cats- or even the smell of other cats. Its nuts and we've tried things like asking friends to bring over things that smell like their cats, and even introduced her to some cats in the house (she was cautious but fine!). So if anyone has any tips on how to get a cat to work through this, we'd love to hear.

Until then, sad to say it, but Qtip is officially (mostly!) a house cat from here on out.

For more you can visit Qtip's blog.

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