Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shasta's Nemisis

This cat is Shasta's sworn enemy.

The first day we moved to LA, Shasta and I walked down the block. Shasta smelled the cat in some bushes and stuck her nose in. The cat launched out of the bushes 4 feet high with claws out. It looked ferocious and twice its size, like a panther!

Meanwhile a neighbor across the street was watching this and he said, 'Did you meet the cat? That is the nicest cat ever!'. I looked back at the cat who was literally growling and stalking Shasta, smiled, and walked off.

Turns out, the neighbor had this cat confused with 'Pumpkin', who is the nicest cat in the world and we have blogged about before. When Pumpkin's owners told us that this cat terrorizes Pumpkin, we gave Shasta a green light to chase away!

You can see this cat has attitude, even in the last pic.

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