Monday, January 3, 2011

Qtip Breaks Free! (Cat in the Rain!!--with a Hippo!?)

^We got an email from a reader telling us to check out the De La Barracuda parking lot, because Herbert the Hippo had left a little message for Qtip.

We waited for a lull in the rain, and then headed out to check it out. Qtip is snug as a bug in a rug tucked inside the jacket to begin with.

^We found Herbert the Hippo enjoying the rain

^and then we spotted the dope message from Herbert to Qtip.

Qtip loved the sentiment! Happy New Year, Herbert!!"

^It had started to rain, but we pulled Qtip out of the jacket for a quick pic-

^She didn't like the rain, and started to squirm

She squirmed out of our hands, and out of the harness. Holy shit!! Cat on the loose!

^Qtip hit the ground running!

^Then she hit the alley, and tried to decide which way to go. . . .

. . . then straight bolted!

^But this cat has been raised well, so instead of running into the street, she hit the sidewalk and headed up the block.

At this point, it looked like Qtip was pretty safe (and wet! lol), so we let her keep strolling off leash. She walked for 3 blocks off leash. We shot a quick 30 second video of Qtip walking off leash in the rain. Check it out~


And Qtip says thanks to Herbert the Hippo! That message was awesome!!!

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